Why Selling Process Tips

Selling Process Tips
How to Make Big Money Selling Cars

Selling Process Tips displaces the myth about car salespeople. As commission car salespeople, we are all part of the abnormal. Otherwise, we would be working 9 – 5 with our income capped. You know, the glass ceiling.

Commission automobile salespeople have neither of these. Our income is not capped. There is no glass ceiling!

The problem is, when you start your career selling cars, you receive minimal (if any) training. You are left on your own.

The result …

… few sales …

… small vouchers …

… close to poverty level income.

It is NOT your fault.

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Not Your Fault - That Is About to Change

At least, it wasn’t your fault. Until now …

… if you keep reading you will discover you can sell more, hold gross, have fun.

But with that understanding, it means you now have to take responsibility for your success.

You are now accountable because you will discover that How to Make Big Money Selling Cars answers the how to of selling more, holding gross, and having fun!

My Journey 6 Sales to Six Figures

Let me tell you about my start as a car salesman.

My first day was December 5th. Definitely not the best month to start as a car salesman.

My first day also coincided with the dealership moving into a new building.

The bonus was I started in a nice new store. The downside was the relocation did not allow time for anyone to show me the ropes or even explain the basics of selling cars.

My Sales Manager took me outside and said, “The new cars will be here.” He pointed to a patch of pavement. “The used selection will be there.” Again he pointed to another patch of pavement. As we went inside, he said “I’ll catch up with you once things settle down.

That was it! Welcome to the world of selling new and used cars.

The dealer principal gave me a warm welcome and promised to provide someone as a mentor. Didn’t happen. Once you get to meet dealer principals, you’ll understand why.

My first month, December, I sold two cars. Truth is, the F&I Manager actually locked one deal up for me and the other was a gimmie – I think the Sales Manager was feeling a little guilty.

In January, I was able to put a half dozen deals together. The same in February. In March, the dealer principal was hinting this just might not be the right career for me.

Averaging 6-car sales a month was well below expectation.

On a personal note, with small commission vouchers, I was having trouble to make ends meet. Yes, my earnings were dismal! A big part of my problem was I was giving everything away. My deals had no gross. No gross equals small commissions.

BUT, I wanted to succeed. I saw the income potential. I truly believed a serious income like six figures was not pie in-the-sky. There were a couple of car salespeople I knew who were at that level. And they were not at a large dealership like I was.

Thank You Joe Verde

Greeting card from Joe Verder

I acted. I decided I would find a way to get some real training.

And I did. It was in the nick of time. I was fortunate.

I discovered there was going to be a Joe Verde three-day course for car sales people in another city. But it was expensive. Very expensive.

My sales manager said I could have the time off but not to expect the dealership to pay for the training.

That was okay with me. I sort of expected that answer anyway. Why invest in someone who hasn’t shown any impacting degree of success? With not holding gross, I was actually costing the dealership money.

But I knew with the right training I could be a real asset. I could make the dealership money and hit my goal of six figures. Others did it. The only thing holding me back was my lack of training in how to sell cars.

I paid for that couse out of my own pocket. I also had travel expense – meals, three nights in a hotel, and gas. My sales manager let me take a car off the lot to drive to the course. That was a plus.

Wahoo Selling Process Tips

Skip ahead to the month following the training. That first month, now that I had a process, now that I knew how to qualify a prospect and close, that first month I almost tripled my previous best car sales month. Six was my top unit sales up to that point. The first full month following the training 17 crossed the curb. Plus, I had a couple of deliveries already inline for the next month.

What is even more important, I held gross. If you aren’t quite sure what gross is, for now just think of it as making a lot of profit after costs and dealer pack. Gross is what car salespeople earn commission on. So the higher it is, the more you make and the more the dealership makes. Its a win-win-win.

Over the next several years, I consistently hit my sales targets and personal income goals. I was regularly Salesman of the Month for units sold. I won awards, spiffs, gifts, and recognition. More importantly, I got smarter at selling and did a whole lot less standing at the door waiting for someone to drive on the lot, or for an internet lead, or the phone to ring.

From 6 Car Sales to Six Figures

Fast forward to today…. Selling Process Tips.

Because I know there has to be many starting their car sales career who are like I was when I started, I determined to find a way to share my experience so others could get off to a fast start.

Hey, its no fun when your name is consistently at the bottom of the units sold list. It is seriously not fun when your commission check is less than your rent. And it is absolutely no fun thinking you could be fired next sales meeting.

By-the-way, if you think I’m joking, I know dealerships where the salesperson who is bottom of the list three consecutive months is toast. That’s right. They have a three-strike rule. Miss your sales target three months in a row, pick up your personal stuff and leave.

When a car salesman is not selling cars it means he or she is costing the dealership sales. If you are not closing them, the guy or gal at the next dealership will. So for the dealer, it is a double whammy. Losing opportunities on their lot and feeding the competitor down the street.

If that’s you, or you have been selling cars for a while and are just plain tired of the same-old-same-old, here is your opportunity to pull your socks up.

It’s taken a few years. It’s taken a lot of research. But here it is for you.

You can bypass the frustrations, the ups-and-downs, the missed sales. You can take control.

You can keep your name off the bottom of the list. And you ought to earn enough to pay your rent and more.

If you truly want to work your way to a six-figure income earner, order this book now ….