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Welcome to Selling Process tips.

Selling Process Tips, is especially focused on in-the-trenches automobile sales consultants. 

It goes beyond dealership training – if there is any.

To be successful in car sales you not only need selling skills, you also need to be able to track your progress.

Champion automobile salespeople want to know where and why a prospective sale went off the rails. That is the only way to prevent future missed opportunities. It is the only way to grow.

We’ll tackle that in the posts as well as through material in the Selling Process Library.

What about holding gross?

Unless you are on an hourly rate, holding gross directly relates to your commission. It is the difference between sardines and steak.

If you are not a six figure commission earner, what you will find here is a path to get there.

Through these pages you will learn how to Sell More, Hold Gross, Have Fun!

Excerpt from
How to Make Big Money Selling Cars

Today the biggest challenge facing automobile sales consultants is not potential buyers.

There are plenty of people shopping for and buying new and used vehicles.

The big challenge is also not lack of cars on the lot.

Agreed some new car dealers may have fewer new vehicles in stock. But there still are plenty around and people are willing to wait.

So what IS the big challenge for automobile sales consultants?

Sadly it is the same as it always was!

Most automobile salespeople simply do not have a process that ensures they always have an up, always have an opportunity. ….

How to Make Big Money Selling Cars book cover