How to Make
Big Money Selling Cars

Today the biggest challenge facing automobile sales consultants is not potential buyers.

There are plenty of people shopping for and buying new and used vehicles.

The big challenge is also not lack of cars on the lot.

Agreed some new car dealers may have fewer new vehicles in stock. But there still are plenty around and people are willing to wait.

So what IS the big challenge for automobile sales consultants?

Sadly it is the same as it always was!

Most automobile salespeople simply do not have a process that ensures they always have an up, always have an opportunity.

From Six Car Month to Top Performer

Here’s the good news. There is a solution. 

I know. I know because I was a six and seven car sales a month automobile salesman.

I lived the embarassment of sales meetings where my name was continously bottom of the list.

And I’ve been part of those dreaded conversations with my sales manager. The kind where you think he’s trying to help but deep down you know what he’s saying, “You’re costing the dealership money in missed opportunities.

Not Your Fault Very Little (If Any) Training

I also know that most automobile salespeople receive very little, if any, training.

When I started, the sales manager took me out on the lot and said “The new vehicles are here. The used are there. If you have any questions come see me. Good luck.

True enough, the sales manager was always there.

And he was willing to help.

But when you don’t know what you don’t know, how do you know what to ask?

The Huddle Bad Idea

So where do you turn? Where do you go to find out what you don’t know?

The huddle.

You start to hang with the guys and gals, your fellow sales consultants, at the coffee corner, water cooler, or standing at the door. And …

… and you start doing what they are doing. Nothing.

Why are they doing what they are doing?

Because, like you, they don’t know what they don’t know either.

However, unlike you, they have been there a while, have a few sales under their belts, and so think they know

Truth is if you want to learn how to make big money, how to earn large commission vouchers, then you ought to hang with the big commission earners.

Where are they?

Unless it is their shift, they are not hanging at the door watching the lot.

You won’t find them at the water cooler or standing around the coffee machine – unless of course they are getting a drink or coffee.

The champion automobile sales consultants are at their desk following up with their sold list, prospects, or orphan customers.

They may even be in service visiting with someone whose mileage is way up there, has an older vehicle, or just chatting with someone new to the neighbourhood. They are farming new leads.

Success Leaves Footprints

The old proverb “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step” has a lot of wisdom here.

If you want to start your journey toward six figures as a top commission earner, then that journey starts with you taking the first step.

I know. I was at the point where within days I would be asked to move on.

I was doing more harm in missed sales. My sales manager was getting near his end of “Loading my lips.

Luckily I came across an article about a sales trainer who would be putting on a three day workshop.

It was in another city and would cost a month’s commision to register. I asked my manager for the time off. He agreed and I registered for the course.

Why would I do that?

Why would I pay the equivalent of what I was making a month for automobile sales training?

Because I realized the potential income that a top drawer automobile sales consultant could earn.

And I wanted it …