Positive Behind The Scenes Sales Prospecting Opportunity

Salesman sitting at desk writing sales prospecting list.

Automobile Sales Prospecting What You Need to Know

The how to of sales prospecting for automobile salespeople is a key focus of Selling Process Tips. Generally the tips are all about tactics. But there is more.

There is one significant benefit of prospecting for sales opportunities that is often overlooked.

In fact, it is an absolute truth that grips the heart of sales prospecting.

Think Like the Automobile Dealership Dealer Principal

Because of a Success Tips Ezine article I published, I received several emails regarding the line “If you are a commission automobile salesperson, then you are operating a business.

That statement resulted in causing a few automobile salespeople to rethink the significance of their income as a commission car salesman.

For those who asked about that comment, and for you who may have missed what was meant, here is the nitty gritty.

As an automobile sales consultant whose lifestyle depends on commission, the gold in “...you are operating a business…” is that you need to think like the dealer principal!

Back to Zero $$ After Each Commission Voucher

Consider this scenario.

Monday morning you arrive at the car dealership to start your sales day. Friday past was payday. So your commissions are all up-to-date. It is now your first shift in a new commission period.

If you are a 100% commission automobile salesperson, then you have zero dollars in your earnings account.

Guess what? It is the same for the dealer principal.

Until a sale is made, there is no new deposit in the car dealership owner’s bank account either.

To change your financial position, to get some commission in your earnings account, you need a sale.

The dealer principal needs sales as well to pay the bills, buy inventory, and so forth. The difference is that there are multiple car sales consultants whose efforts will result in sales that will satisfy the dealership needs.

For your household, your lifestyle, your bank account, you are the only one putting commissions from car sales in it.

Unless you have a gimmie from the sales manager or a laydown, getting your next sale starts with what you do.

Top of the list of what you do, or ought to be doing, priority one is prospecting.

Automobile Sales Prospecting Defined

If your income is commission based then prospecting for sales opportunities is critical for survival.

In other words, prospecting is a basic necessity if you want to have clothes to wear, food on the table, money to support your lifestyle.

This is not an exageration. As a commission automobile sales consultant, you must prospect to survive.

Automobile sales consultants and sales managers often have a difference of opinion on just what prospecting for potential buyers is.

Here is what automobile sales prospecting is NOT.

It is not taking a walk-in or greeting a shopper on the lot.

It is not taking a phone UP or working an internet lead.

In fact, it is not even following up on a walk-in, phone-up, or internet lead.

In each of the above, those potential buyers arrived at the dealership for reasons that you did not influence. You just happened to be the one to greet them.

In other words, you now have a sales opportunity because of dealership marketing or external factors.

Yes it is a prospective buyer. But he, she, they are sitting in front of you because of  something someone else did not because of your prospecting efforts.

Definition Sales Prospecting for Car Salespeople

For you, the commission car salesman, the definition of sales prospecting is … you doing something that …

  1. uncovers potential buyers,
  2. causes them to come to your dealership, and
  3. ask for you.

In other words, prospecting for new sales opportunities is an action you, the automobile salesperson, initiates.

Your prospecting effectiveness is measured by the number of qualified contacts who reach out to you as a result of something you did.