Prospecting for Leads Tickle List for Career Automobile Sales Consultants

Salesman sitting at desk prospecting for leads

A tragedy in automobile dealerships is that many new and experienced automobile salespeople fail to see the gold in prospecting for leads and sales opportunities.

Career automobile sales consultants, those who have decided that selling vehicles will be their life profession, recognize that prospecting for leads is the foundation on which a secure ongoing six figure income is built.

For that reason, based on research and feedback from experienced automobile sales professionals, we have developed a prospecting tool to stimulate name generation.

At the end of this article is an opportunity for you to download a complimentary copy of the Prospecting for Leads Tickle List.

Prospecting for Leads Tickle List

The Prospecting for Leads Tickle List is not all inclusive. We recognize there are gaps in the list. It is not intended to be perfect.

It is designed to be the foundation for a personal brainstorming session.

It is intended for your personal use at a time when your prospect funnel has run dry and your who to contact list needs a little priming.

This tool has proven effective time and time again in assisting automobile sales people to build an endless solid list of people to prospect.

By the way, we can say ‘endless’ because once you catch on to the gold in prospecting for leads, everyone you meet gets added to your tickle list.


Top Three Dealership Lead Prospecting Pools

The Prospecting for Leads Tickle List goes beyond the top three groups automobile salespeople really ought to work first to get more sales opportunities.

What are the top three prospecting pools you ought to target first?

They are …

  • your sold list,
  • service customers,
  • orphan customers.

These are the priority groups.

They are a priority because each name on the list already has a relationship with your dealership.

Beyond these three groups, the next group of people to prospect is anyone who has not bought from you or your dealership. That’s a lot of opportunities 😊

When you download the Prospecting for Leads Tickle List, there will be a copy of these notes followed by a brain storming list and the Prospecting for Leads Tickle List Worksheet.

The worksheet contains fields to capture …

  • first name,
  • last name,
  • email address,
  • phone number,
  • and personal note.

There is also a block to tick if the contact number is the prospect’s mobile or cell phone.

Personal Note Field

Regarding the ‘Personal Note’ field, what you enter is a note to prompt you about your relationship or how you came across the prospect’s name.

For example, a note could be golfing buddy, gas attendant, or church member.

The sole purpose of the field is to serve as a conversation kick-starter. For example, “Mary, this is Sherry. We chatted Sunday following service.

On occasion, the ‘Personal Note’ field will be a more important reminder as to how you know this person.

For example, you are at Starbucks grabbing your favourite picker-upper and you get chatting with the person behind you. You find out they are in insurance and get a business card.

If you are serious about prospecting, that person will be added to your prospect follow up list.

The ‘Personal Note’ field will be important. In it you add a note to kick-start the conversation “…met at Starbucks; drinks Lattes…” or wording that works as a reminder of your relationship or how you know this person.

In this example, when you make your prospecting call, you now have a conversation starter.

By the way, you are not making a cold call. By chatting at Starbucks, you have a relationship. You are simply building on it.

Why The Tick Block for Mobile or Cell Number

At a seminar I was asked “Why the block to tick if the contact number is a cell phone?

In case you too are wondering about that, the answer is if the person’s number is their mobile or cell number, you also have the ability to text them as well as email and call.

Although texting is not my favourite, nor recommended, method of first contact prospecting for leads, when it is all you have, it will do.

However, once you have made initial contact, texting is ideal for nurturing the connection.

More Than 240 Suggestions And Growing

The Prospecting for Leads Tickle List download file is PDF.

The file contains more than 240 suggestions for uncovering potential sales lead prospects.

Each listing is intended to tickle your little gray cells so as to flush out names of people you have come in contact with.

Also included is a worksheet to capture names as they come to mind.

The worksheet contains the six fields described above. You only need to print the Name List sheet to start recording names.

Create Your Own Names List Sheet

However, as mentioned, there are only six fields on the Name List sheet. If you are familiar with Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, feel free to create your own Name List sheet.

By having a personal digital copy of the Name List Sheet, you can update it more quickly. Plus you can add additional information fields that better suite your needs.

Our form is generic. It needs to be that way because we cover a diverse cross-section of automobile sales people. But regardless of whether you sell new, used, or both, the concept of prospecting is the same.

The fields we have listed are the essential ones needed so you have a prospecting for leads list to work. It contains the basic information you need to get started. Beyond that, you are free to expand it to best suite your needs.

When Prospecting for Leads - Don’t Prejudge

Final comment regarding your prospect list and prospecting for leads.

Do Not Prejudge Anyone for Any Reason!

I can share from experience how embarrassing it is when a couple from your neighbourhood is sitting at another salesperson’s desk because they didn’t know where you sold cars.

When they see you, the lights go off and now it is a quandary for them. It also puts the other salesperson in a pickle.

The only thing to do is say hello and let them know how fortunate they are to have a great salesperson taking care of them.

This happened to me because I prejudged. I chose not to let them know that I sold cars because I felt they would have no interest in my brand based on the high-end vehicles each of them drove.

I did have them on my prospect list but just never followed up.

I prejudged.

Costly error. They were buying it for their daughter as a surprise graduation gift.

Do not let that happen to you.

Reach out to everyone on your list.

At minimum, let them know the dealership you are at and that you are available when they are ready. Have the conversation and then go from there.

Prospecting for Leads Selling Process Champion

In closing, here’s to your prospecting for leads success.

Be a selling process champion.

When you mine your prospect list, you will strike commission voucher gold!