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Selling Process Tips is for automobile salespeople who want to take charge of their career.

It is for car sales consultants determined to earn top tier professional commission.

Selling Process Tips Automobile Sales Professionals

Selling Process Tips Automobile Sales Professionals

If you are like most of my readers, you are enthusiastic, energetic, and eager.

You desire to succeed at work.

More than success, you want to champion life; become all that you can be!

You want to leave a legacy.

And therein lies the challenge.

There is a lot you want to do. It just seems there is not enough time.

Sound Like What You Are Facing

Sound like you?

I know how you feel.

I’ve experienced being at the top of my game. And, I’ve lived through a work event resulting in a 360 degree career shift.

Imaging one day you are in the corner office, six figures plus with benefits and perks. Next morning, after breakfast, you are on the street – literally!

Through this dramatic experience I learned, contrary to what I believed, I was not in control of my time, my income, or even my life.

Catastrophic experience – life changing awakening!

The gold, the nuggets I was able to pan out of this career change was that my focus, my energy, my success, or what I then believed was success, came at a cost. As I would learn from Stephen Covey, I had my ladder leaning against the wrong wall.

This Blog Selling Process Tips

What you will read through the Selling Process Tips blog is hands-on, belly-to-belly, in-the-trenches sales success strategy.

Through this blog, my mission is to provide a resource of …

  • car sales training,
  • automotive sales training focused on how to hold gross,
  • car selling tips to sell more, and
  • proven how to succeed sales tactics.

Goal achievement. Personal Growth. Empowerment.

Although the target audience is automobile sales consultants, the content is applicable to anyone in the sales arena.

Read it.

Massage the information to best suit your situation.

Grow with it.

Remember: Nothing happens until someone sells something.

Sales Champions Make It Happen!

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